What is a Podiatrist?


Athlone Foot & Ankle Clinic

Podiatrists are specialists trained in the management of all foot and ankle problems including musculoskeletal complaints of the lower limb.

It is not uncommon to find that your lower back or knee complaint is related to your posture and gait caused undue stresses to your musculoskeletal system. A Podiatrist would use sophisticated gait analysis equipment to assess these ailments and may treat your complaint using orthoses (specialist foot insoles), steroid or cartilage lubricating injections, as well as specific exercises for treatment of your complaint. Podiatrists commonly treat morons neuroma, heel pain (plantar fasciitis), Achilles tendon problems and pain in the balls of your feet with these techniques.

Podiatrists at Athlone foot & ankle clinic also perform minor skin surgery for treatment of persistent corns and verrucas and remove ingrowing toe nails permanently under local anaesthetic. If you have a more severe structural or functional complaint, a podiatrist may request for you to be seen by a Podiatric Surgeon, a specialist in foot and ankle surgery.

All of our podiatrists work with athletes and treat sports injuries on a regular basis, returning them promptly to their chosen sport. Specialist marathon running advice is also available.


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