Kids Feet- Common foot problem ‘Flat Feet’

Flat feet Athlone

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Definition: Many babies naturally appear flat-footed. Usually, this will disappear as the baby begins to stand and walk.

Children with flat feet, or low arches may not be able to keep up with other children because of the added strain on feet and legs.

Causes: There is no way of giving a child an arch if they have a true flat foot but may children who appear flat-footed have a normal arch but flatten it when they stand. This movement is called ‘pronation’ and may be cause a variety of painful symptoms, make the child tire easily or have problems with gross motor skills. If a child is pronating his/her feet orthotic devices may be useful to improve foot movement and relieve any painful symptoms.

Treatment: It is important to discuss your mobility and foot-care problems with your Podiatrist. Your Podiatrist can advise which service or professional support is most appropriate to your needs.

The Podiatrist, after assessing your foot function may recommend orthoses or insoles to help relieve foot pain and discomfort.

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