Insoles or Orthotics for Flat feet




Insoles and Ortotics for fallen arches or flat feet are a method of treatment to treat by supporting and rehabilitating the foot and ankle. By providing additional support and increasing functional flexibility insoles can be designed to modify your gait patten to reduce mechanical foot strain. Bunion OrtoticsOrtotics


Our extensive range of rigid- and semi-rigid orthotics and insoles provide both comfort and biomechanical functionality. Specific foot support functions available in selected products include:

  • arch supports
  • improved instep comfort
  • correction for pronation and over pronation
  • extra heel cushioning

Some of these foot supports are suitable for athletes, sports players, runners and serious walkers, where cushioning against the effects of repeated high-impact shock is particularly relevant. Orthotics can be very effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis,flat feet, ball of foot pain, heel pain, outside knee and hip pain and pronation. Highly durable, washable and comfortable to wear all orthotics are supplied in pairs to avoid problems caused by limb length discrepancies.

New orthotics should initially be worn for about two hours each day gradually extending the period daily.

For further advice please call our clinic.

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