Damage from High Heel Shoes

Forefoot PainWearing those High Heels Ladies will cause problems! New 3D scanner reveals what high heels really do to feet. 

For most women, wearing high heels is a must. But although they look good, there is no denying the pain they can cause. Now, researchers have created a 3D scanner that shows exactly why high heels cause so much pain, and what damage they can cause to feet and ankles.

A research team at the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital (RNOH) is using the new 3D scanner – developed byCurveBeam – which they say is set to transform how foot and ankle problems are diagnosed.

Using similar radiation levels to conventional scanners, the device works by scanning both feet of a patient in under 60 seconds while they are standing in a “weight-bearing position” in or out of shoes.


You can view the video at:

3D Foot Scan Video 


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